Friday, February 26, 2010

Tussie Mussie from the past

Getting ready to finish up and embelish these gift cones,.. and start on some new ones

Thanks Michelle!

                        Michele Cummings of Faerie*Dust* Dreams held a valentines day Heart Swap and I participated. Ofcorse it was fun as always.. I swapped out with a new swap friend named Christina Michelle Pazera. She sent me some lovley things even with her hands totaly full of TWINS!!..(awesome!) Chock full of lovlies... a nice way to begin the year of crafting goodness... Thanks Michelle,! for the invitation, and the inspiration!..

what I recieved... From Christina Michele Pazera, from Irvine CA

Underneath the tissue... a pleathera of heart inspired really nice scraping embelishments,.. glittery shiney magnets..a Barbie heart shaped box with a little ring.(ofcorse my granddaughter spotted this straight away and claimed it!).... There were definatly alot of OOOOOhhs and AHHHss upon oppening up this package... Thanks Christina... and Thanks Michelle for the inspiration,...!!Inside of this cute polka dot hat box..

What I sent

Here is some of what I sent.   Lots of heart felt supper pink and red sweetness...
 inside are a few treasures,.. lockets stickers,.. beads,.. confetti soap,.. a pair of
 shamlessly red evening gloves,... and many other treasures...including...

The Heartfelt Swap

I made some mini marshmallowsput some in a sweet box..
Cherry-Rose flavored....
Some white Chocolate Hearts with a dried cherry center....
wrapped in pretty pink foil...

Ive Almost Missed an Entire Month....

                          A Most Awesome Winter Sunset.... What a Blessing,..!!!


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