Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Daw Aung San Suu Kyi
( as seen by the talented Shepard Fairey
he of that fabulous Obama poster..)
Aung San suu Kyi is the Prime Minister-elect of Burma
the democratically elected leader of that country who is currently
prisoner of conscience and under house arrest since her legal
victory. She is winner of the Nobel Peace Prize( 91) and many
other distinguished and notable points of recognition and respect
around the world.... especially in the hearts of her countrymen.

Thank You All !! Thank you all for your encouraging comments
and for visiting my teeny tiny little portion of the Mad Hatters Tea.
What a treat visiting every one,... please do stop by often and
check out whats new from time to time,... and I will do the same

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Time For Tea!

Two Hats,... One for you , and One for me!

A Tea Party! Thank you Vanessa for inviting me! I had fun playing
this year. I so enjoyed the treat of your fabulous fantasy fantastic tea
soire. A true treat for my eyes and soul...... a joyful experience to behold.
Please do share my tiny tarts of pastichio custard with blue berries... some chocolate
minted sticks, some ginger bread commas, some fresh fruit custard tarts,,....
so much fun even though there was soooooo much more to do today than I had first
thought, how ever I still had fun and next year perhaps some hats.
Tea sandwich of cucumber green tomato and dill butter on wheat toast....
Tea sandwhich of blue cheese butter, tomato and calendula petals... with
nagelia seeds....

My absolute favorie Cheshire Grinn,..... the same supper silly sly
funny face that I cherished when first I bundled him up some 26 years

...What does it say? Ummmm, DRINK ME!. Gee I dont know.

What do you think will happen???

Whats this??? Brightly coloured tantlizing yummilishous looking .. is this for
me??, Could it be? Gee I dont know...
....oh my! , i thought I had my invitation but I did drop it along the way
,..... there it is!
...memories of tea with THE Queen!!..... (one wishes!)
Im late !!,........ Im late!!,..... Im late !!!!,....... For a very important date!...
Mad Hatters and such and the Queen of Hearts, of is it the Queen of Tarts ? Oh I dont
know. But Im off th gather the rest of my things and join in on the fun.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Neda Soltani of Iran

Her name is Neda Soltani a young woman who gave her life in the struggle of
democratic change and freedom. While putting her body on the front line in order
to get the message out to the world she was shot down in front of her parents.
My heart goes out to her grief stricken father on this day. Rest in peace brave soul.

Monday, June 15, 2009

..just a little bit

I couldnt help it I has some of this fabric hanging around from the table tops for my short lived Cafe... I decided "why not..?" Why not just make a few of these bags and perhaps one or two for myself,?
I love the color explosion and the vintage patern just makes me downright happy. Ive posted a few on my Etsy shop. Stop by and take a peek.
Ive sold only one so far through that site, and I always add a litte something extra when I make a sale anywhere,.. With this one I add a little change purse of the same fabric . Its lined and has a heavy duty zipper... Now on to the next project.
Working on my table for the Tea Party , thats something to check out too...
and also my denim clutches and wristies. So much fun... Ill post a pic the moment one is finished to my satisaction,..

Monday, June 8, 2009

At Art Space Santa Cruz

Maria Chomentowski Found object art mchomenta@gmail.com for info on her stuff
This and the following three artist are a few with whom I chatted with. It was a bit confusing and there was sizable crowd. Happily some even sold a few pieces...(yeah!!)
Its a nice open space and perhaps something to consider down the road...

Art Space Artists

An artist couple creating at ARtSpace in Santa Cruz

Maureen Halligan Painter/Printmaker www.maureenhalligan.com

and Ray Sumser Painter/ Film Maker www.Raysumser.com

A Few Of the Artists residing at Art Space

Scott Rasmann textural abstract
you can find more about him


Last week I took some time out to visit the open studio at ArtSpace located in the former Saltz Tannery on River street.I didnt think it would be a place I could ever consider calling home, as Im the type who NEEDS to have a garden, and it appeared that there was no garden space. Not at all. Some of the spaces do have quite substanctial porch space whereinone could if needed put up the odd tomatoe and the likesOther than that itwas more pleasent than Id first expected.


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