Monday, June 15, 2009

..just a little bit

I couldnt help it I has some of this fabric hanging around from the table tops for my short lived Cafe... I decided "why not..?" Why not just make a few of these bags and perhaps one or two for myself,?
I love the color explosion and the vintage patern just makes me downright happy. Ive posted a few on my Etsy shop. Stop by and take a peek.
Ive sold only one so far through that site, and I always add a litte something extra when I make a sale anywhere,.. With this one I add a little change purse of the same fabric . Its lined and has a heavy duty zipper... Now on to the next project.
Working on my table for the Tea Party , thats something to check out too...
and also my denim clutches and wristies. So much fun... Ill post a pic the moment one is finished to my satisaction,..

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