Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Please come to Tea

I'm gathering a set of tea service for tea time with my granddaughter. I couldn't
quite find a set i liked so I decided to put on together piece by piece.... Then. First I
found the sweet tea pot with the rabbit handle.... and down the street ,,.. there was
the little rabbit creamer! I couldn't resist.
I didn't have it as a goal to do a bunny theme the opportunity just presented itself. I'm
sure it will morph into something else before I'm finished!

The little Birthday Cake

Chocolate vanilla chocolate layers with a filling of White chocolate custard
and apricot preserves. The frosting is white chocolate. Its 90something
degrees and my beautiful cake is melting!!!!!

Happily for me it was warmly received. The birthday Girl loved the cherry
blossoms, and the silvery dragees and the pinkness of it all. Love making
the cakes. I'm hoping the next one comes out even better,

This Little Light of Mine.....

First I began with a little flicker light from the dollar store... kind of
a fake candle thing. I love the dollar store. Six of these for a buck!! too cool!
And I made a tiny little lantern from wire and crepe paper to hang
in my crystal tree. Ive made two so far, but I have to modify the other one
and remove the covering from the little bulb so that it looks brighter than it
does here in the dark... back to the drawing board...

It looks OK when the lights are on, but still... I think we need some
glitter therapy here.. lets see.

Here it is after a glitter application. There's some glow in the dark glitter
cant wait to see the difference ,... but still looks OK

this is what it looks like without glitter... I kind of like this one too.

Fae Furniture

I wish that I had a better pic of this before i packed it and
sent it off. Oh yeah and I also wish that I had better focus too!
The Srping green set before the trim.

Having theSpring Fae to Tea

Spring Green Velvet Fairy Chair made from a Champagne Cage...
for added comfort,.. its stuffed with lavender flowers.

The ceiling

Inside, before the flowers.... with a little Koi pond...

More News Paper Flowers

News Paper Flowers

I made this!!!
Such a cutie....!! I just adore her!!!

I had my beautiful grandchildren over and we made a day of news paper flowers. Free art supplies! kinda,...
We painted the both sides of the news paper with white Gesso and left it to dry in between watching some cartoons. We practiced using the scissors for the first time and I'm sorry I could not take a pic of it and also assist... but it was sweet.
So,.. we cut and pasted the petals to the stems also made from newspaper, and then added a crepe paper rosettes and the glitter,...gotta have the glitter... voila! news paper flowers for mothers day!...

My Mother

Yvonne C.Mondesir

some mothers day flowers.. I love Hiacynths ,!...
This is the wedding pic of my parents. Its one of a few pictures that I own of my mother for some really dark reasons. That aside... My mother was the most beautiful person that I know. Still after all of this time . Everything that is good and kind and in any way worth anything about the quality of my life is because of having had the blessing and the sweet good luck of having her as my mom..
My love of art and crafts and of music... my pleasure in the garden.. the joy of cooking and of doing for others, unconditional love, how to pray, how to forgive, how to be ,...just be ,......I learned from her.
She taught me so many things that I am still uncovering everyday. We shared so much in common and were close in such a good way. I am so very happy to have even known her and been birthed and raised and prayed over and loved by her.
I could go on and on... one day (maybe) i will recover from my breaking heart at not having her here on this plane....


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