Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Yvonne C.Mondesir

some mothers day flowers.. I love Hiacynths ,!...
This is the wedding pic of my parents. Its one of a few pictures that I own of my mother for some really dark reasons. That aside... My mother was the most beautiful person that I know. Still after all of this time . Everything that is good and kind and in any way worth anything about the quality of my life is because of having had the blessing and the sweet good luck of having her as my mom..
My love of art and crafts and of music... my pleasure in the garden.. the joy of cooking and of doing for others, unconditional love, how to pray, how to forgive, how to be ,...just be ,......I learned from her.
She taught me so many things that I am still uncovering everyday. We shared so much in common and were close in such a good way. I am so very happy to have even known her and been birthed and raised and prayed over and loved by her.
I could go on and on... one day (maybe) i will recover from my breaking heart at not having her here on this plane....

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