Saturday, October 31, 2009

Have a lovely special apple my pretty,.... I had them done special
just for you............................................................
... Happieeee Halloweeeeennnn!!!!!!

...and here they are, the lovley gang..

Red ridding Hood,.. Supper Man,... and the Ninja.. off to do some
serious scavenging..
....uummmmm, I don't think I like this costume very much Daddy... not at all!!

All Hallowes EVE

OK so Im partial,... and I admit it.. I think this is the cutest little Red Ridding Hood,
ever,.. yeah I know... but still! A while back I mad this cape for a "re purposed"
garment challenge. Happily for me my little darling decided to be this character for the

It started our as a really nice shift dress made of a really supper soft cashmere,.. the
likes of which could have been worn by a Miss. Joan Holliway,(MadMen),... But alas..
it called out to me that it needed to have the Red Ridding Hood set free... and here it is.

I stitched a little heart at the back of the neck just for fun. Whats also fun about
this , is that it can also be worn as a caplette by her mom who I think has plans for it,.
It goes great with her flaming flowing red hair.. a picture to follow soon. I lined with
another piece of cashmere and it is totally revers able... such fun!

Monday, October 19, 2009

And The Winner Is!!...

First of all, I would like to thank all of you who visited my little part of Ms. Vanessas' Halloween event. This was so much fun. I am simply awestruck by the overwhelming amount of talent and artistic skill out there. Simply beautiful! I haven't even made it all the way down the list, but I am going to visit every single one. Its like Christmas , opening up one sparkly box after the other waiting to behold the treats within.
Then thank you for the wonder full comments ( they are very encouraging), and the people who joined as followers. New friends all. And though Ive done it before, I give a shout out to the all too fabulous Ms. Vanessa for her wicked sence of over the top fancifulness and playful spirit. Thanks for inviting me to join in.
Now!,... I have picked the name of Ms. Christine Edwards of 'A Work In Progress'. Please go and visit her blog, its really very beautiful! I put all the names together on little pieces of paper and threw them into a box and had my partner make a pick. Couldn't figure a better way. Along with a teeny tiny box containing a fairy sized deck of tarot cards, I've added a small container of silver glitter... What, you say silver glitter? No no my friends!! This is a very special kind of glitter, made of REAL Silver!.
How special is that! Its something Ive just come across in my never ending search to find the odd and special ingredient to add to my artsy craft. Hope you enjoy Ms. Christine, in good health.
I have decided to put some of the cards up on my Etsy shop, and some of the coffins and skulls as well. I am presently working of some Dia de Los Meurtes versions as well. Sometimes I am just having too much fun....

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Greetings All, and thank you so for coming to join in on my little part of the Fabulous Halloween party offered by Ms. Vannessa of "A Fanciful Twist". For my part it was just too much fun. I will be offering to give away a little token of , the tiniest deck of tarot cards to a lucky visitor to my party. Just leave a comment and a link to your blog. I will choose tomorrow morning after I rest up a bit. Now I am off to go see every ones contribution.
Peace and Love to All. jMB

Tra la Tra la Tra la la Dee Dum De Dee

This day we danced and dinned and shared some tea... some tales some laughs some good company.. We were all invited to share by the wonderful Ms Vannessa, and what a time we had. Thank you once again Ms Vannessa for think of us and for throwing such a wild and fabulous Halloween shindig.... jMB

All of that jumping around and carrying on.. Time to eat something before we take off. A tasty beat salad and some tangy chicken on a bed of greens. Yummy.. Thanks for staying for dinner.

As If thats is not enough!

The all too fabulous Ms Debbie Debbie flew in to add to the festivities.


Now tell me in all honesty.. Have you ever in all your born days seen such outrageously devilishly beguiling deviled eggs?

Finger food anyone? I though you might enjoy some guacamole with black chips!

Toast for Tea

To start I will serve some dark rye toast spread with vanilla infused cream cheese, dribbled with a dash of blue berry sauce, and topped off with a drunken cherry. The drunken cherry was held for a year in a bath of vanilla and brandy.. yummy yummy.

The tables are being set. Deccorations are coming out and hanging.

The Grand Halloween Dolly has arrived!

The most Fabulous Neverine Esmerelda Truella, has graced us with her presence and brought along a really sweet present ,. a most unusual plant with the tinniest of pumpkinny berries. She has donned her best Holiday dress and her sparkly hat.. How wonderful.

We have picked the flowers freshly for the tea just before drawing.

I did send out an invitation to the Fair Fae in hopes that they would pay a visit. Just in case, Ive set a place and placed some cards and things of interest to see if one would have a fortune told.

the kettle is on the boil

Come Along My Pretties!!

Come along my pretties!, The clouds are gathering the storm is on the way. It is the perfect setting to share a cup and stay a while. Have your fourtune told. Join me in a cup of something wild. Have a little bite to eat before you continue on your way, ... as it is there are so many wonderfully wickedly places to visit today!.....

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Holiday party Halloween hat slightly smaller than a Barbie head!

An update on this years skulls, here is how they look in a dish... is a view hanging from the craft show display tree.
This is the very tiniest Dia de Los Meurtes Calavera..

More from the tree... Im considering adding more rinestones
and some color, and ofcorse leave some totaly black.

A dish of tiny coffins from last years charm swap, I will
be adding a few of these to my upcomming Halloween giveaway..

Heres whats hidding inside,... each one is different.
The eye socketts and the teeth glow in the dark.!

Even more skulls...

Calavera Charms that I made last year headed to the Etsy Shop... again..

also,.. theres a craft show comming up in three weeks with a holliday

Halloween theme..

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Yeah! ,.. Halloween's here,!!!

This year I'm working on pulling out more of my stashed projects and semi to finished Halloween items... what the heck perhaps I can either sell them or pass them along some how , perhaps in a trade.


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