Monday, October 19, 2009

And The Winner Is!!...

First of all, I would like to thank all of you who visited my little part of Ms. Vanessas' Halloween event. This was so much fun. I am simply awestruck by the overwhelming amount of talent and artistic skill out there. Simply beautiful! I haven't even made it all the way down the list, but I am going to visit every single one. Its like Christmas , opening up one sparkly box after the other waiting to behold the treats within.
Then thank you for the wonder full comments ( they are very encouraging), and the people who joined as followers. New friends all. And though Ive done it before, I give a shout out to the all too fabulous Ms. Vanessa for her wicked sence of over the top fancifulness and playful spirit. Thanks for inviting me to join in.
Now!,... I have picked the name of Ms. Christine Edwards of 'A Work In Progress'. Please go and visit her blog, its really very beautiful! I put all the names together on little pieces of paper and threw them into a box and had my partner make a pick. Couldn't figure a better way. Along with a teeny tiny box containing a fairy sized deck of tarot cards, I've added a small container of silver glitter... What, you say silver glitter? No no my friends!! This is a very special kind of glitter, made of REAL Silver!.
How special is that! Its something Ive just come across in my never ending search to find the odd and special ingredient to add to my artsy craft. Hope you enjoy Ms. Christine, in good health.
I have decided to put some of the cards up on my Etsy shop, and some of the coffins and skulls as well. I am presently working of some Dia de Los Meurtes versions as well. Sometimes I am just having too much fun....

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