Tuesday, May 12, 2009

This Little Light of Mine.....

First I began with a little flicker light from the dollar store... kind of
a fake candle thing. I love the dollar store. Six of these for a buck!! too cool!
And I made a tiny little lantern from wire and crepe paper to hang
in my crystal tree. Ive made two so far, but I have to modify the other one
and remove the covering from the little bulb so that it looks brighter than it
does here in the dark... back to the drawing board...

It looks OK when the lights are on, but still... I think we need some
glitter therapy here.. lets see.

Here it is after a glitter application. There's some glow in the dark glitter
cant wait to see the difference ,... but still looks OK

this is what it looks like without glitter... I kind of like this one too.

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