Friday, January 9, 2009

Ive Joined Creative Every Day

This year again, Ive joined Creative Every Day. Check out what its all about here

I find the personal chalenge inspirational....

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  1. Hi there,I did not know if you are still posting ,but I want to thank you for stoping by my blog.I try to keep it as real as I can,sometimes it gets me in trouble though...LOL...I was looking at your photos below.For yrs people use to come up to me and call me Betti Page,I did not know who the heck Betti Page was.We didn't have puters in the 60's or 70's.But when we got a puter ,that was one of the first people I looked up.I did look like her in ways.I have the same hair and some facial features,but i look like me.LOL Stop by again soon Hugs Marie Antionette



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