Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The sound track of my child hood.

In the background there was Charles Asnivor... selected calypso music.. Mighty Sparrow , and the likes...
and one of my favorites Miriam Makeba. I remember well that very first record album that came out. and how it played a prominent role in the gatherings and parties that my patents held.
Mostly that sound, that wonderful strong and sweet magical soulful music, was there as part of my mothers influence and the things we enjoyed in common.
I remember after meeting Miss Makeba after a concert, and calling my mother up to share with her, and how happy she was to learn that even if she could not be there, at least I was ,and how happy she was that I enjoyed it as, much if not more than she would have..
I did the same thing after meeting Hugh Masekela, another one of her favorites... and more of that fabulous music of my child hood that stayed with me all of these years..
Learning of her passing today touched me in a deep way , remembering our shared experiences and loves... it was a little like losing my mother all over again...
Not all sadness... I was thankful for all of our shared experiences and thankful for all that she taught me and exposed me to... even in these moments of sadness, there are opportunities to remember love, and happiness

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