Thursday, July 9, 2009

New Baby's Comming!!!

Ive been busy ,busy ,busy with the garden (ish), finishing up my new line of bags, and getting things ready for he new baby. This weekend is the baby shower. The theme is "Mina's LAST Baby Shower".

Well , OK, this is baby #3 and for now I agree with them. They already know that its going to be a boy! Yeah for them.! For me I didn't want to know until the last moment, ... I don't like peeking until the package on Christmas Eve either!

I am excited to make it special without being fussy. ... I tend to be a bit fussy and I've been called on it but then again that's what I'm loved for,.. fussy and over the top pretty and good to eat!

With that I'm a bit disappointed with not having enough time to make my Fourth of July fancy pancy platters like I wanted. Unfortunately Ive turned the kitchen into my work room for lack of space and Ive dominated every counter top and available table space until I get this selection done... so I only made four things this time. Thanks Tom for being my prep chef, couldn't have done it without you.(kisses)

I made a red white and blue potato salad, devilled eggs , fresh fruit tarts, and a tray of cookies . They came out sorta OK, but not what I wanted although every one loved everything,(happily)

Now for a Baby Shower Luncheon for 30 with about 20(ish) children. I'm not sure its standard to bring children to a baby shower, but what the heck.... so I will be making some goodie bags for the haflings too..... and its already Thursday... So it will be about 4 more days or so until I get around to finishing my beloved bags... Ill post a sample of my progress as soon as I can squeeze out some time.

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