Wednesday, July 15, 2009

These have to be amoung the most colorful cookies in the world,.. even more so than last
years alphabet cookies , and finished more quickly! They were just as big of a hit though!
The colorfull cookies from last years birthday party...


  1. How did you get those colors? My daughter would love that.

  2. i use gel past colors and some neon food color from the supermarket... also a hint of good ole kool for some flavor too.. its one of my supper secrets. have fun!

  3. oops (typo),.. i meant totype good ole kool aid...the powdery drink mix.. its a fab. food colour and flavoring,... and its really fin to make a version of those candy braceletts that we used to get when we were kids, just let it stay out and get dry its silly and fun



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